Protective Security Services

Armed and unarmed guards

DECO maintains over a thousand Security Officers throughout the United States with employee turnover rates well below our competitors. DECO officers are constantly and consistently trained, tested, and quality control checked to ensure our clients they have the highest caliber of security at each location. DECO officers are trained to operate and carry many kinds of weapons from handguns to non-lethal types such as batons and pepper spray.

Badge identification and
reception desk control

Most facilities control the access of their building entries. DECO can establish comprehensive polices and procedures to control access during both business and non-business hours. DECO Security Officers will visually inspect and can physically touch passes to ensure the identification is valid and belongs to the person in possession of it. Conversely, personnel exiting the facility can be inspected and property being removed can be properly documented.

Safety and fire protection

The on-duty security officer at the scene of a confirmed emergency situation will be delegated the authority to take appropriate action. The actions of the security force are governed by the basic principal to take immediate action to contain the situation and to minimize risk to personnel and property.

Patrol services

While fixed posts provide primarily access control and by their very nature are reactive, roving patrols are intended to be both a deterrent and proactive in nature; detecting activities prior to their adversely affecting the personnel or facilities. Roving patrols are usually the first responders to emergencies, civil disturbances, criminal acts, fire alarms, etc. Assigned personnel must have the level of training and experience to recognize suspicious activity or potential problems. They must pay specific attention to such items as abandoned personal items, boxes out of place, suspicious items in the trash receptacles, and similar potential threats. Officers will monitor the status of safes, doors, and gates.

Traffic enforcement

Officers can be assigned to enforce traffic control and parking. All safety and fire lanes will remain unobstructed. They also will assist in the management of vehicle movement and parking management efforts to be compatible with each customer’s needs. Vehicles that are improperly parked, and determined to be a threat to the security and safety of the facility, may be towed with the approval of the client or their designee.

CCTV monitoring

Officers assigned to CCTV/alarm system monitoring receive additional specific training for both the operating procedures for the devices installed and the notification/response requirements for various incident types.

System monitoring

All security officers will receive training and additional “hands on” experience in the operation and response requirements for all alarms systems. Effective operation and monitoring of these systems are critical to the security and safety of all personnel and material. Officers assigned to CCTV/alarm system monitoring receive additional specific training for both the operating procedures for the devices installed and the notification and response requirements for various incident types.

Escort services

DECO Officers can provide escort services for your employees, executives, customers, and visitors at any location.

Alarm center and dispatch services

DECO regularly performs alarm monitoring and camera surveillance duties on our contracts. DECO ensures the facilities are properly managed and operated through the use of technology. We will monitor alarm and access control systems, operate alarm consoles, and promptly dispatch personnel to the alarm site.