Professional Services

Anti-terrorism Assistance

DECO provides subject matter experts that have proven expertise in law enforcement, logistics, security, administrative support, and program management. These experts offer a complex range of specialized security knowledge, and are highly skilled and professional in their operation and support of anti-terrorism programs across the world.

Construction Security Monitoring Services

DECO has an established Construction Security Monitoring program. This program provides the Government Top Secret cleared surveillance personnel, site security coordination personnel, and counterintelligence personnel at overseas and domestic construction sites. DECO currently has personnel deployed in countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

International Training

Over the years, DECO's top-notch reputation as an international security provider has enabled us to expand our services to provide specialized security training worldwide.

DECO offers an expansive realm of customizable security and anti-terrorism training solutions.

Examples of our training programs include:

• Anti-terrorism Measures
• Surveillance Detection
• Crisis Management and Response
• Physical Protection
• Defense Tactics
• Counter-intelligence Measures
• Law Enforcement Tactics
• Force Protection Measures
• Weapons
• Tactical Operations

Administrative and Staffing Support

DECO can supply administrative personnel that specifically meet the needs of your organization and facilities.

Security Consulting

We have compiled a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and extensive knowledge of all areas of security, this includes high-risk, sensitive, and complex environments. Our Security Consultants specialize in risk assessments, anti-terrorism countermeasures, physical and personal protection, and training in both domestic and foreign settings.

For corporations and businesses, determining the security needs for your facility and personnel can be a daunting task. DECO has the experience and knowledge to recognize and address the problematic issues.